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Legendary goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon writes touching letter to goal post after breaking record

Italy and Juventus legendary goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffonhas celebrated breaking Sebastiano Rossi's serie A record of going 929 minutes without conceding a goal by penning a letter to his goal post. Yes his goal post via his Twitter account. Buffon, who has been keeping for 25 years survived the first four minutes of Sunday's derby with Torino without conceding.

We hope the goalpost responds, lol, read the touching open letter translated in English after the cut.

 "I was 12 when I turned my back on you, denying my past to guarantee you a safe future.
"I went with my heart.
"I went with my instinct.
"But the day I stopped looking you in the face is also the day that I started to love you.
"To protect you.
"To be your first and last line of defence.
"I promised myself that I would do everything not to see your face again. Or that I would do it as little as possible. It was painful every time I did, turning around and realising I had disappointed you.
"And again.
"We have always been opposites yet we are complementary, like the sun and the moon. Forced to live side by side without being able to touch. Team-mates for life, a life in which we are denied all contact.
"More than 25 years ago I made my vow: I swore to protect you. Look after you. A shield against all your enemies. I've always thought about your welfare, putting it first even ahead of my own.
"I was 12 when I turned my back on my goal. And I will keep doing it as long as my legs, my head and my heart will allow."

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