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Lai Mohammed apologizes To Nigerians over Fuel Scarcity, says FG is aware of hardship being faced

Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed has apologized to Nigerians over the lingering fuel scarcity being experienced. Speaking on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics, Lai said the FG empathizes with Nigerians and is doing everything possible to better the lives of Nigerians.
“I have said it on many fora that the government is keenly aware of the hardship and difficulties Nigerians have gone through in the last couple of weeks and we do empathize with them.
Not only do we empathize with them but we appreciate their perseverance and we have also been working round the clock to ensure that we are able to bring the situation back to normal. We empathize with Nigerians, we salute their courage and perseverance and I want to assure them that the change they voted for is real, that change will come and that all the challenges we are facing today are very temporary”he said
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