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Murder At DawnWatch moment policewoman beats driver to death over bribe (Video) Watch now!

The lifeless body of the late Danfo driver

Despite denials by the Lagos State Police Command that one of its officers did not cause the death of a driver over bribe, video footage tells otherwise.

A policewoman, simply identified as Taiwo, attached to the Igando Police Division of the Lagos State Police Command, has put herself into big trouble after it emerged that she beat a commercial bus (Danfo) driver, identified as Muyiwa Ijaduola, to death, because he refused to part with some bribe money after she had apprehended him for a perceived traffic offence.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident whih happened on Sunday, May 22, around a Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation filling station in the Igando area, when Taiwo and another female police Corporal, were checking vehicles.
It was that when the officers stopped the 46-year-old Ijaduola, the allegedly demanded the sum N500 from the driver who offered to give them N300, which they refused to collect, insisting on their demand.
The driver, a father of three, it was reported, explained that he was just resuming work for the day and he didn’t have enough money on him but the policewoman refused his appeal for mercy.
She then allegedly began to hit him with her baton and forced him down from the bus. It was in the process, pushed him and he slipped and fell into a gutter where he hit his head and died instantly.
Immediately she noticed that Ijaduola had stopped moving, she and her colleague ran away from the scene, after which other motorists came to help the driver from the gutter and discovered that he was dead.
Angry youths thereafter reportedly stormed the Igando Division in the evening of that day, but they were dispersed by gunshots, while Ijaduola’s corpse was deposited by the police in a morgue.

But the State Police Command has come out to deny that the driver was killed by police officers over bribe, saying that he died from an epilepsy attack.
The deputy spokesperson of the command, Ozoani Chukwuma, ascribed the incident to be a case of ‘sudden and unnatural death.’

“What happened at Igando was a case of sudden and unnatural death of a commercial bus driver suspected to have had epileptic attack at Oye Bus-stop, Igando, while calling passengers into his bus.
He consequently fell into the gutter. Two policewomen on traffic duty at the bus stop quickly called on sympathizers to help him out.
He was unconscious when brought out, and he was rushed to the General hospital, where he was confirmed dead,” Chukwuma said.
But to buttress the fact that Ijaduola was actually killed by Taiwo, some passers-by recorded the incident on video and shared on Youtube.
Watch the video here.

This video confirms that the Danfo driver was really beaten to death

Video Credit: YouTube
Galaxy360 Media

Galaxy360 Media

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