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How To Attain Good Grades In Your First Year At The University

Being a scholar entails having good grades in all your courses, while this might sound easy to accomplish, it might actually be one of the toughest thing anyone will experience while on campus.

Good grades are not easy to come by but are very possible to achieve, it is best to say good grades comes with a lot of hard work plus smart work. No wonder most university do not fail to reward those who have done excellently academically.

Though this might sound archaic and more like things we hear everyday, but I will actually be writing from experience and can only hope it will in one way or the other be helpful and probably trigger a soul to do excellently well in this new section. Enjoy!

1. Never miss a class:

But if in case you do, get a friend to tell you all what the lecturer said if possible. Honestly, missing lectures can be dangerous, I can testify to this, it ruined one of my results, I didn't get the note and forgot to read on the topic before examination, most of my questions came from that topic and it had a big blow on my result. Bro, sis, if you are reading this, ensure you read every single topic treated. Never be lackadaisical about it.

2. Jot as much as possible:

While this might be a waste of time since note and other soft copies are available, it is still one of the best way to get lecturers points during lectures. Ensure you have you jotting note with you in order to pen down important things the lecturer might say.

3. Read anything relating to each course:

Yes! Textbooks,encyclopedia,manuals,past notes, just anything on each topics. There are times we say the lecturers set foreign questions, actually he or she didn't set foreign questions he or she only expected us to read wide and consult different materials on each topic.

4. Get past questions :

Past questions are like expo for some courses, you might be lucky to come across half of the treated past questions in your examination. It happens and I'm a living witness.

5. Never procrastinate:

Procrastinating destroys and set you back. Why leave it till the next day when it can be done now? If it is relating to your academics, please don't postpone it, you can postpone others but your books, open them immediately and keep reading.

6. Surround yourself with friends with the same mindset:

You want to be the scholar? Yes, it sounds good but who are your friends? Are they of the same goals as well? If no, then it can't work simply because it is not competitive, you need people with the same mindset to set you balling, you need people who will motivate you to read more than they are doing. Surround yourself with people of the same interest.

7. Get Informed:

Information is key, always stay updated about the latest in your department, always know if the lecture will hold or not and where and when. Never rely on a single source, get the class rep contact and if possible some of your lecturers contact as well. Remember, the gap between ignorance and knowledge is information

8. Avoid frivolity:

Wasting precious time on unnecessary activities won't take you there. Avoid activities that takes time without no positive impact. Use that time to go through your works and learn what you didn't get at first.

9. Learn from others:

This alone can be an ultimate way to attaining good grades. Having those who are scholar of your department to guide you works really well as you will learn new strategy from them

10. Have that mindset:

No one can achieve this without having a driving force to do so, this feat isn't for a livid minded individual, this feat can only be achieved by those with a burning desire to excel and a desperate heart to top the class even against all odds. Of course, it starts from the mind, always have that positive mindset.

11. Pray:

Whether a muslim or christian or traditionalist or buddhism, whatever religion you belong to, just hold on to it.

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