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5 Reasons Why Nigerians Don't Like Donald Trump

1. He could be a Racist

Trump has said in quite terrible things in regards to blacks and Latinos in the past like when he said that "blacks and Latinos carry out greater part of wrongdoings in the US". He was likewise cited as saying that he will give white Europeans access to America however not Africans or Latinos who are simply south the fringe. In this way, we may simply have a supremacist staring us in the face.

2. Obama dislikes him

Obama is presumably the most adored American in Nigeria and Africa everywhere and whatever Obama likes, Africa likes. Since Obama is not enamored with Trump, there is no reason Nigerians ought to be. That is the reason most Nigerians you run over are pulling for Hillary Clinton notwithstanding the embarrassments that she purportedly has to her name.

3. He is hard against movement

One extremely basic motivation behind why it appears a considerable measure of Nigerians don't care for Trump is that they see a trump administration as one which will be against movement because of things that he has said. Thus, both Nigerians as of now in America and those in Nigeria who have arrangements of removing see his development as a risk to their desire.

4. Negative Views on ladies

One thing Donald Trump doesn't have going for him is his sexist perspectives about ladies. He appears to judge ladies in view of their physical appearance as opposed to their feeling of character. He is asserted to have called ladies he doesn't care for names, for example, fat pig, canine, and appalling creature.

5. He stands up of turn

Extremely dissimilar to Obama, Trump appears not to think before talking. He doesn't appear to have one of the primary qualities that charmed Nigerians to Obama (Apart from the way that he has African lineage obviously). Nigerians think Trump is a chatty and like a great deal of garrulous, they say what they shouldn't state.
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