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Dj Cuppy Dresses Up As Angel And Witch For Halloween [PICS

Celebrating Halloween but can't IFA. Funny


Since this is the first comment, then let's put the matter in a better perspective. 

How could a race be so disconnected with its reality? A fully grown YORUBA lady I engage with about the legend of Moremi does not know anything about it. 

Ask same person about Deborah, Hannah, Ruth,Mary etc and your ears will be full of "according to my bible...".

How can a people have a future when they are disconnected with their past and their roots? I have heard people who don't know the names of streets next to theirs in Lagos give vivid description of London streets and they are proud of it! Some funny characters who don't know the names of their next-door-neighbours travel several kilometres to hug and pray in deceitful fraternity with total strangers all in a bid to find elusive peace.

We are happy and foolishly excited when we tell the stories of WANDERERS from their "Holy books" and dismiss with scorn Centuries of a Beautiful Heritage,Proud Traditions and enviable cultures as contained in the African Social Order!

We broke faith with our Ancestors and we are suffering the consequences. The descendants of Cavemen and Wanderers, from the West and the East, have given us enough WILD GEESE to chase forever because we are stupid!

Funny Characters like TB Joshua and Chris Oyakhilome ride us like donkeys in the South and Abubakar Shekau kill us like Goats in the North! Thinking about it now, it is actually a repeat, the very same way their progenitors, the early " missionaries" and "Jihadist" performed some 200years ago when they intruded into the affairs of a people who lived better and were more blessed than their miserable selves!

We are in deep trouble and we are fast heading for deeper troubles unless we are able to STOP & THINK!
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