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Event | Testimony Of Laughter With Mc Wirefull

1wire Enter10ment Present Testimony Of Laughter with Mc Wirefull + comedy skit premiere.

Comedians: host.Mc Bigsolo. Adviser. Apkan Okon. Mummy Pet. Magic mouth. Mc JP. Mc Iboro. Nat oliver. Mc benbilo. Smoochie. Mc mop. Apkan Apkan

Music. Royal George, Gifted Sax. The Super Church Choir, Fortune sax.

Dance: Apostle, The Super Tancer

Special appearance: Prince Hezekiah. Walter Anga

Time: Red carpet 3pm. Main event 4pm

Venue: The Super Church. 11 Eligbam Road. Opp pH poly

Date: 13 November 2016

This event Is Proudly Supported by GALAXY360MEDIA
Galaxy360 Media

Galaxy360 Media

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