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Kate Brown, First Lesbian Governor (LGBT) Elected In The U.S.A

A few Positives and Negatives On #UsElection2016 

To every one of the ladies sympathizers feeling awful that Hillary Clinton lost to Trump, please make a special effort to be console with these couple of truths below.... 

In the mean time in Oregon: Voters simply chose Kate Brown,the first transparently LGBT Governor in U.S. history. 

In any case, Miss Chidimma Okeke whose unseemly video turned into a web sensation online,is only disastrous as LGBT is illegal in Nigeria... 

Minnesota has chosen IIhan Omah,who turns into the countries first Somali-American lawmeker! 

What's more, Kamala Harris is formally the principal dark female congressperson since 1999 #Blackgirlmagic
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