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Top 8 Must-have Features For Your Website

Think of your website – no matter the industry you operate, as your giant skyscraper office building in the busiest location of the world with your target audience moving up and down that axis. This means that your website needs to attract your target audience and encourage them to make a visit.

The accessibility of your website depends solely on the features embedded in it. These features are put to make the browsing experience quite enjoyable and create ease of information acquisition. If you are just setting up or redesigning your website, you need to have these 8 features to maximise its potential:

Contact Us Form:
 This is a very important feature that provides interested visitors with the ability to contact you for further discussions. The contact us form usually contains basic information (such as name, email address, message etc…) fields to be filled by the visitor. This form sends the information to the admin of the website via email.
Social Media icons:
 Social Media activity takes up about one-third of total internet usage. There’s a high probability that your target audience are on social media. It will be nice to include social media icons on your page.

Multimedia Content: Too much text is boring. You can pass across relevant information using images or videos. Infographics are also great in achieving brand recollection.

Blog: You may need to use content in getting customers. The S.I unit online is value. Your brand needs to be seen as either a thought leader in the industry or a brand that provides value in terms of information. Your blog is perfect for this purpose. Also the blog has a higher chance of being ranked top in search engine results because of keywords being put while developing content on a regular basis.

Mobile Version: Websites are easily being accessed via mobile than desktops. An interesting factor to note is that the rate of mobile usage continues to elevate while desktop usage is shrinking. You wouldn’t want to drive away potential customers from your page when your website is difficult to access on a mobile phone. A mobile friendly website is a must.

Proper Page Description: 
You aren’t just stringing up a number of words to describe your page when developing a website. There needs to be a proper description of your page so that it gives the full details of the kind of business you are into. Again for SEO purposes, your page description will assist in making others find you easily via search engines.

 Ever walked into a mall and then you are given the floor plan of the mall – where the shops are located and exit doors? That pretty much explains the sitemap. Your page sitemap shows the complete structure of your website and aids easy navigation.

Error 404 page:
It’s important to understand how websites work. Every traffic to your website from an external source contributes in one way or the other to the growth of the website across the internet space. More visits will earn you more prominence in search engines. So, an Error 404 page usually appears when there is a broken link in your website or a page which used to exist no longer exists. Having an Error 404 page means that when visitors click on a broken link, they are still directed to a page on your website (though not a page with information). This is still regarded as a visit and the user hasn’t technically left your page.
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