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‘Scandals in the rivers state election violence’..!

Following the just concluded election in rivers state on the 10th of December 2016 some rumors has associated men with uniforms misbehaving during the election. According to the force representatives Mr. Awunah Don the culprits have been apprehended.
Broad spread agitation that claimed lives and property’s including those of uniform men.
Blazes from observers have accused I.N.E.C, The Military and police taking sides in the conjuncture.
On Thursday Mr. Awunah confirmed the blameworthiness of some police offers in the election.
According to Mr. Anuwah “All of them will be brought to book,” when asked if the police would go as far as arresting the politicians. He said those who have immunity would be spared.
What’s this so called “IMMUNITY” given to these politicians over the others, don’t we share equal rights? Are we meant to remain conformed and remain slaves in our fathers land?..... stat tuned
Written by: Teamgalaxy360
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Galaxy360 Media

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