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The famed American singer, Rihanna celebrates her birthday today, the internet is already going crazy over her birthday challenge.
What is Rihanna's birthday challenge you ask? Well, the internet is a funny medium and it is possible to discover almost everything here. Interestingly, a fan of the Unfaithful singer googled the words Rihanna with her birth date on Google and what appeared in the search was one of Rihanna's interesting fashionable looks. The singer is known to be experimental and often plays around with dramatic looks and hence this result was not surprising until several others started taking the challenge.
As more and more people started taking the challenge, it is surprising how many looks Rihanna has donned each day of the year as new results turned up with each date. From her appearances at talk shows to red carpet appearances, Rihanna has always managed to be the centre of attention. 
happy birthday Queen RiRi
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