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Galaxy360 media Is A broad Platform Providing News, Infos & downloads Ranging from Musics,entertainment,gist,lifestyle etc, as At Now, The Total Registered On The Platform Can Not Only Be used To ascertain The Site's Total Improved Traffic But The General Visits and Online Daily, Make Your Business Known and Viewed By Many Nigerians daily At Cheap Prices Today!.

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- Exclusive Sticky Ads: Can Be Of External Linkage to Anywhere, we By Our Own self Paste And assign The in the Position of your Choice. 

- Pop Under: We offer PopUnder Ads For Only Our DeskTop Viewers for The Now, But if You Wish to Extend It Up to Our Highend Mobile User, Make Negotiation WIth Us ASAP. 

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720x90 Top Banner ads: Displays Only for PC users at The Top of every Pages and Its Sticked to top Even when They scroll till Buttom They still See The ads. 

350x50 Top Banner ads: Displays at Both The Top of The Mobile Platform (All Pages) and PC platform (All Pages Except Homepage) 

250x250 Banner ads: Displays at Both The Bottom of The Mobile Platform (All Pages) and SIdeBar of PC platform (All Pages) 

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